Mississippians Support Smokefree Workplaces

Comprehensive smokefree air policies are strongly supported by the majority of Mississippians, regardless of ethnicity, geography or political beliefs.

  • 80% of Mississippians don’t smoke.
  • 76% of Mississippians believe that worksites should be smokefree.
  • 81% of all Mississippians believe restaurants should be smokefree.
  • 57% of Mississippi smokers support everybody’s right to breathe smokefree air in restaurants.
Source: 2009 Mississippi Social Climate Survey of Tobacco Control

About The Smokefree Air Mississippi Initiative

The Smokefree Air Mississippi initiative is an effort led by the Mississippi State Department of Health and implemented through grassroots partners and a statewide media campaign. The goal of the initiative is to improve the health of all Mississippians by educating and advocating for a smokefree environment in all public places. Together, we can make our state a better, brighter, healthier place to live. So let’s give the people what they want — smokefree air.

Initiative Partners

The Smokefree Air Mississippi initiative is a collaborative effort, involving the following health advocacy partners:


American Cancer Society

American Lung Association   American Heart Association